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Carried to dust, and staked to it

At work today I got into a discussion about the (very excellent) new Calexico album Carried to Dust. My colleague said that the title was 'meaningless' - but I think it's anything but.
Dust? Anyone? Dust?Collapse )

550 is a lot isn't it?

Two of my friends find themselves on opposite sides on this.
550 is a lot isn't it?Collapse )

Where Gillette lost me

My problem with Gillette is this. A few months ago, for reasons unimportant (and forgotten) I had to replace my razor. I had the Gillette super-blade-cuts-like-zorro four blade affair, whatever that's called, but i replaced it with the model below it. Three blades, cheaper replacement blades, less glitzy silver and green packaging.

But this razor absolutely butchers my face. I might as well take the blades out of the snazzy plastic swivelly thing and just run them down my cheek - I'm sure there would be less blood and it would certainly take less time.

The funny thing is, i used to have one of this Mk3's long ago. And it was great, it worked fine, the blades lasted forever. Of course, that was before it was replaced by the all-singing all-dancing Mk4. Soon, there will be a Mk5 - it will have a hundred rotating, sensing, intelligent and thoughtful razorblades ready to work like a little army of small men with very sharp blades and excellent hand/eye coordination on your face. Then that Mk4 will go to shit. Just like the Mk3.


So yes, what was is now this. Doesn't mean I've changed, although I'm probably not the best judge about whether I have or not. I was going to do a big long post to fill in the gaps between then and now, but that sounds a bit boring. So instead random words and snippets to explain it all - feel free to jumble them up into whatever order you want to explain my absence.

Canberra / much discussion about salary / stole half of my cutlery. Cutlery, for god's sake / End up doing a lot of reading / Suburban hell-hole / television doesn't work / academics / hiding my new car / got cornered by a scorpion / the office is very quiet / she demanded a huge payment / that one didn't really work out / but there is no shed / washing up every day / 'Lost', again / it took me four days / I miss my Cooma friends / Jarrah's happy though / I'm still waiting for my bond money / ouch / But I really don't want to be 'scrobbled' / didn't even want it, really / the shame of my hospital trip / four hours of commuting each day / so I ended up missing The National / they kept coming until I finally gave in / From my backyard, I can throw a banana skin and hit nine different houses. Really, I've tried / Oh, and 'Peep Show' / I really enjoy it though / Because, you know, libraries are free / I wish her no good / they were quick enough to take it / I think I liked 'The Subtle Knife' best / apart from SBS, but there's only so much of that you can tolerate / so I had to move / I didn't expect to get it / get me drunk enough, and I may tell you / she / God, The Golden Compass was a let-down.


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